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Express Routes - AWS/Azure/Google - Colo

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  • dyoung1010

    How do express routes work for AWS/Azure/Google Cloud Platforms when connecting from a colo environment? 

  • jpdoolin

    Hey dyoung, this is a very popular question. 

    A customer would colocate their network edge infrastructure (router) and connect directly to the cloud providers edge node within the same building or metro. Traffic is exchanged directly between the customer's edge and cloud providers edge, without traversing the Internet or another network provider.

    I'm happy to go through the details of this connectivity in more detail, just let me know. 



    FYI -- For connecting to multiple cloud providers, we've built the Equinix Cloud Exchange, which allows customer to connect to multiple cloud providers from a single port on their router. Also, here is a link that shows where cloud providers have built their edge nodes in Equinix facilities for direct connectivity.

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  • tpeluso

    Hi  dyoung1010 ,

    Hope the response was helpful.  If you were looking for something else, let me know!  The forum is new and I'm interested in any way I can add value for members. 


    Terri Peluso IOA Knowledge Base & Community Manager
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