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challenges with distribution and scalability -- gaming company

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  • rmeyer

    Hello, My company HQ in ireland  We’ve got one main data base in AWS (Dublin) and require access to that data across the globe. Things like performance and ability to scale up/down are table stakes in the gaming industry. 
    Have you dealt with any gaming companies handling this well? If so, how?     


  • marekmoszynski


    You are correct, the online gaming industry is a major stakeholder and growth vector, where performance and scalability are critical. The gaming companies I’ve worked with tell me that their chief concerns would be to create flexible and secure methods to support large and unpredictable file transfers to their partners, content providers and customers (anticipating and adapting to sudden changes in demand).  They also have to support massive numbers of real-time users, all around the globe, which brings its own set of synchronization issues. To solve they are deploying multi /Hybrid cloud solutions with private connections to cloud services and offloading content to hybrid clouds when required.

  • rmeyer

    Thank you  marekmoszynski -- this makes sense. Any diagrams or examples of this architecture would be most helpful.  can you point me in the right direction?



  • Snarkier

    Hello R. Meyer

    here are some blueprints and design patterns to consider

    • Hybrid Multicloud Blueprint-  In particular see the design pattern about scaling Geographical Multicloud demand, which speaks directly to your concern. This design pattern leverages an interconnected mesh of colocation hubs that are placed  near dense metro centers where the majority of the users are.
    • Content Delivery Blueprint- refer to the deign pattern “Scale Content with Distributed Capacity”  that gets more specific about managing the 2 way traffic across a distributed mesh of interconnected digital edge nodes.
    I have practiced pattern based design for over 20 years and am passionately curious about how technology affects our lives.
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