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Ecosystems blueprint question

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  • cwhite


    When studying the ecosystem blue print, can you be more specific about what you mean by "digital ecosystems" in this context?  


  • marekmoszynski

    Hi C,

    Thank you for your question.

    A digital ecosystem is defined by Wikipedia as a distributed, adaptive, open socio-technical system with properties of self-organisation, scalability and sustainability inspired from natural ecosystems.

    The idea of ‘digital ecosystems’ centers around how the goods and services being delivered -- it can be specific to customer facing business, B2B, and it could be just the mechanics of various SaaS tools used.  All companies have marketplaces that expand their value chain. 

    Most enterprises today have legacy architectures built for siloed solutions and old business models. 

    The blueprint helps identify how to transition to an architecture that enables digital commerce and ecosystems.

    I hope this helps,


  • cwhite

    Thanks for the high level explanation -- any examples or use cases? 

  • marekmoszynski

    Well,  for example you are searching for a hotel, and you want to look at prices, locations, nearby attractions with filter criteria (ex. star ratings, kid friendly), all shown on a map or a list.  This search relies on multiple services to complete the experience. These elements come together to create more value by reducing transaction time (remember when you had to do these tasks separately?)

    Another example would be in the financial/banking ecosystem, where mobile users manage their bank accounts via mobile apps. For this to work best, you need network proximity and performance between the end user device (a smartphone connected to a mobile network), the on-premises infrastructure where banks store their user account data, and more and more often the public Cloud infrastructure where data compute and analysis is performed.

    A last example comes from Geoffrey Moore, who applies this concept to retail, and taking friction out of the delivery chain.  You can read the LinkedIn post here <https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/saving-retail-geoffrey-moore/>

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